Testing Information

Test Results

The results of statewide, standardized assessments are vital to the planning and implementation of individual learning pathways for your student and identifying your student’s areas of academic support and acceleration. We strongly encourage students to do their best on these valuable assessments.

Practice Tests

To help your student become comfortable with the item types and response formats the practice tests and answer keys are available at www.FSAssessments.org/students-and-families/practice-tests/.  

Health and Safety

It is our priority to provide a safe and healthy environment for your student.Seminole County Public Schools follow all policies regarding the health and safety of your student which includes mandatory face coverings.Students will be required to keep face coverings in place during testing. The application for an accommodation for a face covering in the school setting may be made in collaboration with the school board nurse and school 504 or IEP team. If a parent/guardian is seeking a face covering accommodation or an exemption due to an existing health condition or disability, the team is to explore all reasonable accommodations prior to an exemption being granted. For more information, please contact your student's zone school administration.

Important Information about State Assessments

Prior to your student’s test date, please review the policies located at www.scps.k12.fl.us/district/departments/assessment-accountability/state-assessments/testing-guidelines.stml

For more information about the FSA program, please visit the FSA Portal at www.FSAssessments.org